What is the precision mold? What are the characteristics of precision molds?

Release time:2024-01-15
What is the precision mold? What are the characteristics of precision molds?

Compared with ordinary molds, precision molds have higher requirements in the production process, for its raw materials, design, processing, precision, size and other content to achieve excellence, the processing process must be a high-precision processing and molding process. The following table describes the specific characteristics of the precision mold.
Precision mold of the six molding requirements:
1, the product specifications of high precision, small size tolerance, high precision specification boundaries;
2, the product's repeated precision standard is high, to have the size of the day, month, year reliability;
3, the mold's material is good, rigidity enough. Concave mold of the external dimensions of precision, smoothness and its accuracy between the mold plate is high;
4, the selection of high-precision plastic machine to replace the basic plastic machine;
5, selection of high-precision molding process;
6, selection into the high precision molding of raw materials;
Precision mold processing focus is definitely on precision, precision molds for dimensional tolerance requirements are very high, generally between ± 0.005, many of the main specifications of the precision mold is not allowed to have a slope, but the mold production will generally be flexible to use the tolerance level as well as not too much inclination, such as transmission gear mounting column head, etc., precision molds in the design of the drawings must be more consideration of the processing of the Operability and controllability to ensure smooth processing.

Four major characteristics of precision molds
1, Wear resistance
The embryonic material in the injection mold concave mold plastic deformation transitive, along the mold cavity surface both circulation and rolling, so that the mold cavity appearance and embryonic material caused by intense friction, which leads to abrasive due to breakage and ineffective. Therefore the corrosion resistance of plastic is one of the most basic and important characteristics of the mold. Strength is the primary element that jeopardizes the wear resistance. In general, the higher the strength of the mold parts, the lower the wear rate, the higher the abrasion resistance, in addition, the abrasion resistance is also related to the type of carburizer in the plastic, the total number of shapes, sizes and all over the cloth.
2, strong ductility
Most of the mold operating standards are very extreme, some often bear a large impact load, resulting in brittle. In order to avoid the mold parts in the work of sudden brittle fracture, high-precision hardware mold to have high hardness and ductility.
The ductility of the mold depends on the carbon content, grain size and structure of the raw material. Precision mold production manufacturer.
3, Fatigue cracking characteristics
Mold work link, in the cycle of bad pressure for a long time under the action, usually caused by fatigue rupture. Its type has small kinetic energy repeated impact fatigue rupture, tensile fatigue rupture, touch fatigue rupture, bending fatigue rupture.
The key to the fatigue cracking characteristics of the mold purpose is its compressive strength, ductility, strength and its raw materials in the composition of the dopant.
4, Anti-temperature properties
When the operating temperature of the mold is high, it will make the strength and hardness decrease, cause the initial breakage of the mold or cause plastic deformation and ineffective, therefore, the precision hardware mold steel should have a high quench-resistant reliability to ensure that the mold in the ambient temperature, with high strength and compressive strength.

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