What should be noticed when protecting and repairing injection molds?

Release time:2024-01-18
What should be noticed when protecting and repairing injection molds?

Injection mold, as a very major production tool in the injection molding factory, determines the shape, specification, size and appearance finish of the product. The material of the mold is steel, and it usually consists of the cavity and the core.
1.Protection of mold
Due to the mold has a specificity, precision, perishability and other characteristics, therefore, the safety protection of the mold is crucial, the overall summary of the following aspects.
(1) anti-rust: to prevent injection molds with water leakage, condensation, rain, handprints and other rust phenomena caused by;
(2) Anti-collision: prevent the mold due to the thimble has broken, not back in place and the phenomenon caused by the mold crash;
(3) deburring: to prevent mold burrs caused by cloth wipe, material punch, hand wipe, muzzle pliers touch, knife touch and mold burrs;
(4) lack of parts: to prevent the mold due to the lack of tie rods, washers and other parts caused by the use of the mold in the process of damage;
(5) anti-pressure: to prevent the mold due to still residual product and lock the mold caused by mold pressure injury;
(6) Underpressure: Prevents mold injuries caused by excessive low-pressure protection pressure.
Among them, due to the ejector pin has broken, the item pin is not back in place, mold residual product, the lack of auxiliary parts caused by the higher proportion of mold damage, and because of the occurrence of more frequent, therefore, more than 85% of the mold damage is caused by this reason. The repair cost of the mold is generally high, therefore, how to avoid the occurrence of such cases, directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry.
2.Mold Repair
(1) When dismantling the mold, avoid touching and drenching, and move smoothly;
(2)Spray hot mold, then spray a small amount of mold release agent; and
(3) To carry out a comprehensive inspection of the mold, and rust treatment, carefully wipe dry the cavity, core, ejector mechanism and rows of parts such as moisture and debris, and spray mold rust inhibitor and apply butter.
3.Mold Maintenance
Mold in the continuous work process, due to the movement process is easy to cause wear and tear of parts, lubricant deterioration, water leakage, plastic material pressure injury and other issues, the need for mold maintenance. Mold maintenance is generally divided into routine maintenance and mold maintenance.
(1) Mold routine maintenance, generally includes the following aspects.
① Regular rust removal (appearance, PL surface, mold cavity, core, etc.);
② Regularly add lubricants (ejector mechanism, line position, etc.);
③ Regular replacement of wear parts (tie rods, bolts, etc.).
(2) injection mold maintenance of the lower mold, the mold needs to be removed by professional maintenance personnel, the mold cavity, ejector pin, etc. for professional testing and protection.

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