Shenzhen top five mold manufacturers: how plastic products are processed and produced?

Release time:2023-12-08
Shenzhen top five mold manufacturers: how plastic products are processed and produced?

Since mankind entered the industrial society, the production of all kinds of products are free from manual work, automated machine production has been popularized in all walks of life, the production of plastic products is no exception, the plastic products are now the use of injection molds in the injection molding machine through the injection molding process and become, such as our daily life of all kinds of common household appliances, digital products are all through the injection molding process and become the shell, then a complete plastic product in the injection molding machine is how to process it? Shenzhen top five injection mold factory of the editor to explain to you today.

1. Heating, preplasticization
Screw in the drive system drive, the material from the hopper forward transportation, compaction, in the barrel outside the heating dew, screw and barrel shear, friction under the mixing effect, the material gradually melt, in the head of the material has accumulated a certain amount of molten plastic, in the melt of the pressure, the screw to open the slow backward. The backward distance depends on the measuring device to adjust the amount needed for one injection, when a predetermined amount of injection, the screw stops rotating and backward.
2. Mold closing and locking
The clamping mechanism pushes the template and the moving part of the mold installed on the moving template to close and lock the mold with the moving part of the mold on the moving template to ensure that sufficient clamping force can be provided to make the mold lock when molding.

3. Injection device forward
When the molding is completed, the whole injection seat is pushed and moved forward, so that the injector nozzle and the main gate of the mold are completely fitted.
4. Injection and pressure holding
After the clamping and nozzle completely fit the mold, the injection hydraulic cylinder into the high-pressure oil, push the rod relative to the barrel to move forward, will accumulate in the head of the barrel of the melt with enough pressure into the mold cavity, due to the reduction of humidity and the volume of plastic shrinkage, in order to ensure the denseness of the plastic parts, dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties, need to maintain a certain degree of pressure on the melt in the mold cavity to replenish the material.
5. Unpressurization
When the melt at the gate of the mold freezes, the pressure can be removed.
6. Back up of injection device
Generally speaking, after the pressure relief is completed, the screw can be rotated, backward, in order to complete the next charging, preplasticization process. (Existing injection of a stream of cases, the injection seat to withdraw from the main gate of the mold this action has been canceled, the molding of more serious salivation of materials such as PA when the implementation of this action).
7. Mold opening, ejecting plastic parts
After the mold cavity is cooled and shaped, the clamping mechanism opens the mold and pushes out the molded part.

Since then, a complete plastic product will be completed, of course, most of the plastic parts of the subsequent will need to go through the oil spraying, silk screen, funds, Pan carving and other ancillary processes, and then assembled with other products, and finally formed a complete product, will eventually come to the hands of the customer.

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