Electric vehicles have become a trend; China stands at the commanding height

Release time:2020-04-02

Gasgoo (Shanghai October 16th, 2016) Global auto industry's benchmark Paris Auto Show begins at the end of September. This Paris Auto Show is called an alternative energy vehicle show, in which luxury brands and traditional brands all took alternative energy technologies as their exhibit focus.

Stricter emission standards are a new problem faced by the auto industry. Christian Senger, person in charge of Volkswagen electric vehicles, said to reporters that, Volkswagen would reach the annual target of selling 1m units by 2025.

Data shows that about 60 new models were on display in the auto show, including 20 alternative energy vehicle models. Besides, global giants are competing for a strategic layout focusing on alternative energy vehicles.

Different from the previous description on alternative energy trend, enterprises were mainly showing the landing of technologies and models.

Chinese market is the new focus. In 2015, Chinese market sold 331,100 units alternative energy vehicles, increasing 3.4 times. The latest data shows that the total sales volume of Chinese alternative energy vehicle market reaches 245,000 units, increasing 115.6%. China is the world’s largest and fastest growth alternative energy vehicle market, stimulating auto giants to bring their models into the market.

Currently, most sales volume in the market is occupied by self-independent brands. With the ever expanding market, joint venture brands are exceeding their speed of introducing models.

Fast landing in China is the most important strategy for all global giants in their competition for alternative energy vehicle market. According to Ye Shengji, Vice General Secretary of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, alternative energy vehicles may occupy half sales volume of the total Chinese market, which means the market will face an ever intense competition.


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