CNC machine tool monitoring by AE sensors

Release time:2020-04-01

CNC machine tool monitoring by AE sensors. Machine Tool monitoring system is flow of information and system processing in which the information selection, obtaining data,processing of information and decision making on the refined information are integrated. The aim of tool condition monitoring is to detect early the disturbances in the machining process and wear of machine tool components. The condition of tool has been researched extensively in the past and have focused on detection of tool wear, tool breakage and the estimation of remaining tool life.It is very important for on-line identification of tool condition in machining process for enhanced productivity, better quality of parts and lower costs for unmanned, automated manufacturing systems.[1]

Techniques of machine tool monitoring[edit]

Machine tool monitoring can be done with or without additional sensors.

Using additional sensors, monitoring can be done by measuring:

  • the cutting force (with a multi-channel table dynamometer or rotating dynamometer)
  • vibration amplitude using multi-channel accelerometers
  • audible sound from the machining process
  • high-frequency sound or acoustic emission

Sensor-less machine tool monitoring is done by measuring internal drive signals such as:

  • feed motor current
  • spindle motor current
  • spindle power
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