Electric commutator market space

Release time:2018-08-14

Since the invention of the car for more than 100 years, the development of the steering gear has undergone a gradual development from the initial mechanical steering gear to the hydraulic china commutator, electric control hydraulic commutator, electric power steering process. There are industry experts, the future may be to the steering system and active front wheel steering system development.

It is understood that, compared with the hydraulic power steering, electric china commutator both energy saving, but also to meet people's increasingly demanding handling of the car, and its product prices (mainly electronic components) will be with the production Rising trend is very suitable for the general type of car on the assembly. So the electric commutator market development is huge, is the focus of the current automotive steering gear industry.

Experts, due to lack of technology, China has no local suppliers to mass production of electric steering system, local brands are rarely installed electric steering system. The chief representative of a professional advisory body inChinapredicts that the electric steering system will use a motor rather than a hydraulic press to turn the wheel, its lighter weight and fuel economy is higher, the next five years, the annual growth rate of electric steering system sales up to 30 %.