How to maintain the hydraulic power steering pump?

Release time:2018-08-14

In general, in the normal use and maintenance, for the hydraulic china power steering pump, the need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Hydraulic power steering pump in the use of attention to select the correct type of help oil, otherwise it will affect the china power steering pump efficiency and service life.

2. Always check the use of auxiliary oil, the use of auxiliary oil must be kept clean. Regularly replace the booster oil, the owner of the self-refueling oil must be equipped with a filter device.

3. If the car stops for a long time, do not work at full capacity immediately after restarting, at least 10 minutes of no-load operation, until the oil and other oil are in normal working condition.

4. When handling the steering of the car, observe whether the power steering system is operating properly, whether the impact or noise, help the oil circuit with or without leakage phenomenon, in order to detect and troubleshoot.