what's ideal can do? a 20years chinese plastic injection molding factory

Release time:2018-08-25
what's ideal can do? a 20years chinese plastic injection molding factory 

Ideal Mould Tech (ShenZhen) Co.Ltd. was founded in 1997. Following more than ten years of good governance,
Ideal has developed into a highly professional plastic mold manufacturerand injection molder. Ideal has grown to become amedium-sized company.
Ideal has a bright and spacious 5000 square meters of modern standard  workshops.Advanced equipment is installed throughout the plant,
including a range of advanced imported machinery supplied by Sodick and Micron. We have about 150 people, experienced management
personnel and a group of highly skilled workers. We can very accurately address the specific standards and requirements of the automotive,
electronics, home appliances and telecom industries. In addition, Ideal performs general plastic product analysis, product development,
mold manufacturing, injection molding and other high technology services in many other fields. Ideal can provide customers
with a range of products from small, high precision molds to large size molds. The product types range from large automotive parts,
home appliance plastic housings (monitor, TV, iron, vacuum cleaner, stereo, etc.), plastic cases for phones, plastic game machine housings,
furniture accessories and plastic housings for a variety of consumer electronics (calculators, MP4 cases, PDA translators, GPS, printers, etc.).
Ideal's plastic parts are assembled by the customer into products exported to Japan, Europe and America. A full 50% of Deli molds are exported directly
to Europe and Japan. Company Quality Policy is simple - "To ensure quality by management, to ensure progress by quality, to ensure interest by progress".
Our commitment to each and every Ideal customer is "Value the contract, keep promises, ensure prompt delivery and excellent service".
Our company has achieved SGS Certified IS0 9001 quality management system standards.
We are hoping to serve you as our customer and earn the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and our commitment.

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