EDM helps Bavarian mould maker with small delicate tools

Release time:2016-04-15

The managing director at Formentechnik Bayreuth says the precision offered by Fanuc's Robocut Alpha-1iE machine allows for the production of complex tools.

High-precision injection moulding and custom-made tools for plastics processing are the special expertise of Formentechnik Bayreuth, Germany. Founded in 1991, the company was once a subsidiary of Schlaeger Kunststofftechnik GmbH and is today said to be an expert in the production of sophisticated tools of the highest possible quality. A Robocut Alpha-1iE, the second high-precision wire-cut Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) manufactured by Fanuc, has been supporting production at Formentechnik Bayreuth since April.

The Bavarian mould maker provides customers with tool and prototype construction as well as advice on injection moulding, application technology and development. Although its tools can be as large as 600 x 900 mm and weigh as much as 3000 kg, the company focuses on small and delicate tools; its maximum annual production remains below 40. Managing director Jürgen Ziegler explained the company's products and services. “Apart from pressing and winding tools, we also offer contract production and the manufacture of spare parts for small quantity batch production.” So far, the year has shaped up well, he said. “Currently, our order books are full. As we concentrate on quality, and knowing that such quality requires time, longer delivery times than usual have to be negotiated at times.”