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Release time:2020-03-13

TANNER is the high precision mold manufacturer in switzerland whose mold has the characteristics of compact,optimal access of time-saving maintenance. Besides,the individual cavity moldules, complete with integrated gate components, can be installed or removed fro m the parting time.


Maenner develops and manufacture product solutions for injection molding applications.For the production of plastic parts capable of meeting the most demanding requirements for precision and surface quality, maenner delivers high-performance molds and tailored hot runner technology.


KTW molds offer innovative technical solutions, including:Multi-component technology,In-mold assembly and in-mold closing,Cube, single-face or stack design,Unique EASYcube technology yielding industry-leading reliability


As a full-line supplier of injection molding tools, automated solutions, final packaging machines, tufting and shearing machines for brushes and brooms, ZAHORANSKY guarantees highest quality, reliability and specialist know-how.


Braunform is the product-oriented supplier of systems for visionary, innovative mold solutions, offering to demanding brand producers and OEM clients around the world exactly what they need: reliable quality and process safety as a basis for lasting market success.


FOSTAG's real strength is demonstrated when particularly complicated and difficult tasks need to be solved. All multiple cavity moulds manufactured by FOSTAG are characterised by the shortest cycle times, uncompromising precision, maximum availability and a very long service life.


SCHÖTTLI, a Husky Company is a globally acting injection mold manufacturer focused on medical applications. Together with our Service Center in China (Suzhou) this allows them to bring together our global capabilities which enables us to provide excellent and strategic customer support.


KEBO AG has designed and manufactured high performance  injection moulds for the highest outputs of plastic products for the medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and cosmetic  industries. This experience is mirrored in the packaging sector for thin wall products, IML and closures.


FOBOHA develops and produces sophisticated injection molds for uncompromising quality and top cost efficiency. From single-component standard molds to cube molds to dual-cube systems with in-mold assembly. 


PLASTISUD is famous mold manufacture in France. The mold products are Closure, Packaging, Medical which are shown in three cabinets individually.

PLASTISUD is famous mold manufacture in France. The mold products are Closure, Packaging, Medical which are shown in three cabinets individually.
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