• 2016-05-09
    PPS is a good material for replacing metal and thermosetting plastics thanks to its strong array of performance properties. Sulfur in a plastics molecule indicates heat resistance. Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) shares that distinction with polysulfone
  • 2016-05-05 (Shanghai) - According to statistics from (Chinese), a total of 5.45 million passenger automobiles were sold in China over the first quarter of the year. The figure represents stable year-on-year growth of 8.9%. However, foreign
  • 2016-04-26 (Shanghai April 25 th ) According to an announcement of Dongfeng Motors released in the evening of April 22nd, the company plans to sell its share of Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile to its controlling shareholder Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. so as
  • 2016-04-26 (Shanghai) - According to China Passenger Car Association statistics compiled by (Chinese), SAIC Motor continues to be Chinas largest passenger automobile manufacturer in terms of new car sales made over the first quarter of the
  • 2016-04-25
    Hundreds of tool and mould makers from throughout injection moulding German-speaking Europe were vying to be the regions best, but there could only be one. The tension was palpable enough to silence the nearly 300 guests assembled in the Coronation R
  • 2016-04-25
    The injection molding of micro parts calls for innovative hot runner solutions to comply with the demands of injection molders and toolmakers. The injection molding of precision and micro parts creates special demands on the moldmaker and hot runner
  • 2016-04-21 (Shanghai Feb 19th) A total of 379,900 units of imported vehicles received inspection from the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Tianjin, a city in north China, with a year-on-year decrease of 31.4% in 2015. Explosions in Tianjin Port ha
  • 2016-04-21
    nder the hot molten alloy, semi-solid alloy scouring, and maintain a pressurized working under the state of aluminum alloy casting dies after a period of use, the protection layer on the surface of the general will form a mesh micro crack, crack and
  • 2016-04-20
    How to decide between integrated CAD and CAM or an optimized, stand-alone program for each department. Recent years have seen a number of articles on the benefits of closer integration of CAD and CAM. Of course, integrated CAD/CAM systems from a sing
  • 2016-04-20
    A nearly two-decade partnership with a German software supplier has helped a Scandinavian tool and injection moulding company thrive in new markets. Nestled next to the quiet Norwegian coastal town of Levanger, mould maker Induform AS has been produc
  • 2016-04-18
    Built by a team of 26 students at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Novafeatured, among other things, bio-fiber reinforced body panels produced using Nouryact cobalt-free accelerators from AkzoNobel.AkzoNobels innovative curing system enabl
  • 2016-04-18
    Advanced off-line inspection software speeds up mold manufacturing and assembly for aerospace giant. Developing and refining the advanced processes for its manufacturing and assembly operation is no small task for Irvine, CA-based Coast Composites, I
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