Auto Complaint list in August is released, finding out the most serious auto faults

Release time:2020-04-02 (Shanghai September 2nd)–The auto complaint list in August shows some changes with July, in which Skoda Octavia receives 115 complaints and ranks second. Apart from Octavia, Trax and Encore also keep high complaint records. According to data, most complaints now mainly center on auto parts. Then the following part will give a brief introduction about the most unacceptable auto faults.

Tire Peeling and Cracking

Trax and Encore are complained mostly because of their Bridgestone tires. Investigation finds out that the faulty Bridgestone tires are most centered on 2014 models. Besides, Toyota Levin, Nissan Teana also shows peeling tires. Bridgestone tires produced in 2013 or 2014 are the most dangerous types.

Strange smells in the car

Mondeo’s “Smell” incident in 2015 drew customers’ great attention. Car owners often smelled something pungent, causing symptoms such as headaches, breathing trouble, and sore throats. Investigation found out that the smell originated from the car’s damping fin, which inferior materials will give off hazardous gas such as formaldehyde and ether.

Abnormal sounds and vibration of gearboxes

The abnormal sounds and vibration of gearboxes are quite often in cars, but American brands face more situation problems, represented by Focus and Cruze. The third generation model of Focus began showing gas leaking, abnormal sounds and other faults, which are solved after the fourth generation model, when it changed gearboxes. The previous generation of Cruze also showed gearbox problems, which were solved in 2014 when it changed to DSG.

Power battery is expected to be complaint hotspot

Apart from the above three serious problems, there are other complaint hotspots in the first half of year, such as oil emulsion, tire wearing, abnormal sounds of CVT gearbox and rapid decline of battery range for alternative energy vehicles. The favorable policies promote the increasing volumes of alternative energy vehicles, and we believe the future battery problem will be a future auto complaint hotspot.

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