CHINAPLAS 2017 Thrives in Intelligent Manufacturing, High-tech Materials and Green Solutions

Release time:2016-09-26
CHINAPLAS 2017 (The 31st International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries) will rotate back to China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China on 16 – 19 May 2017. The show is expected to occupy 250,000sqm exhibition area with 3,300 exhibitors, featuring a full spectrum of exhibits in seamless connection with “Intelligent Manufacturing”, “High-tech Materials” and “Green Solutions”.

R&D - the growth engine of manufacturing industry in Guangdong and China
Innovation has always been regarded as the core driving force for business upgrading and transformation; and by now, China is the second country in the world with the largest R&D investment, just after the USA. Guangdong province, which is one of the pivotal production bases for China’s plastics and rubber industries, actively promotes the realization of high-end, intelligent and green manufacturing. It is estimated that by the end of 2018, the number of above-scale industrial enterprises in Guangdong with the establishment of R&D centres will reach 23% or above; while the number of provincial-level enterprise technology centres, key laboratories, engineering centres and laboratories will increase to 2,800, unveiling the growing importance of R&D among Guangdong enterprises.

According to the "Three-year Action Plan on the Implementation of Restructuring and Upgrading of Industries of Guangdong Province (2015 – 2017)", the advanced manufacturing industry and high-tech manufacturing industry of Guangdong saw a growth of 10% from a year earlier, accounting for 50% and 27% of the provincial-level above-scale industrial enterprises respectively by the end of 2017. Further to being the manufacturing hub of electrical and home appliances, automobiles and packaging products, etc., the Southern China will soon revolutionize into a RMB100 billion worth of 7 strategic emerging industries cluster, which includes new information technology, biomedicine, new materials, LED as well as energy saving and environmental protection.

With the support of government policies, the demand for new materials and new technology by Guangdong enterprises will surge. Against this background, CHINAPLAS 2017, which will take place in Guangzhou and radiate to the whole country, is set to be the crucial platform for the plastics and rubber suppliers across the globe to showcase their high-tech materials, intelligent manufacturing and green solutions.

New plastics and rubber technology is the gateway of new product realization
With technological advancement and thanks to the features of plastics and rubber which meet the requirements of high quality products, endless possibilities on products are opened up for different application sectors. For instance, plastics play a vital role to achieve automotive lightweight. Apart from reducing the weight of vehicles and accessories, plastics are also suitable for the production of automobile non-load-bearing parts and safety load-bearing structure. In the case of new energy vehicles, deemed one of the booming and emerging industries, plastics can be applied on battery and the enclosure of motors for protection and isolation purposes. Furthermore, special medical grade polymers are used in asthma inhalers and insulin pens, and biocompatible yet artificial materials pick up the slack when the body’s own are failing. Not only are plastics increasingly used inside the human body, polymer processing technologies are also paving the way for breakthroughs in the medical industry, including 3D printing of the human organs.

As the target consumer segment gradually shifts to the younger demographic, there is a growing demand for high-performance, personalized and eco-friendly products, fostering the formation of a “high-end, personalized” market focus. For example, in the electronics and electrical appliances industry, the application and processing technologies of plastics can enhance the design and finishing of the product. For high-end packaging material industry, “lightweight” and “eco-friendly” will define the trend. Moreover, plastic packaging favours the pursuit of portability and design of the packaging container and its multi-variety is the definite advantage to satisfy various consumers’ needs.

Plastics and rubber as one of the emerging basic materials, their properties and technological applications facilitate product innovation and enhance product quality.

The latest trends on the market are here in CHINAPLAS 2017
CHINAPLAS 2017 is going to exhibit the most ground-breaking plastics and rubber technologies and a wide array of raw materials to be in line with the government policies and the latest trend. Accompanied by 12 country and region pavilions, including Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and USA, CHINAPLAS will continue to provide the platform for plastics and rubber industries to tap into the markets of China and Asia.

There will be 16 theme zones in the show next year, namely Injection Molding Machinery, Extrusion Machinery, Plastic Packaging & Blow Molding Machinery, Film Technology and Rubber Machinery Zones; Automation Technology and Recycling Technology Zones; Auxiliary & Testing Equipment and Die & Mould Zones, Chinese Export Machinery & Materials Halls, as well as Chemicals & Raw Materials Zone, Composite & High Performance Materials, Bioplastics, Additives, Colour Pigment & Masterbatch Zones and Semi-finished Products Zone. Exhibitors can demonstrate their various solutions through this unparalleled platform.

Among the 16 theme zones, the “Automation Technology Zone”, “Recycling Technology Zone” and “Composite & High Performance Materials Zone”, which were newly added in recent show editions, will continue to be the highlight. China is the largest global consumer market for industrial robots and just Guangdong alone accounts for one-third of the market share. It is expected that over 50% above-scale enterprises in Guangdong will adopt robotic manufacturing by the end of 2017. As such, the three specific zones will showcase solutions developed in line with intelligent production, the kernel of “Made in China 2025” strategic plan, the trend of green manufacturing and the increasing demand for high-tech materials, to meet the challenges in the new era and strengthen the enterprises’ industrial competitiveness.

Limited exhibition space left, reserve now!
Online space application is now available. As the response is overwhelming with over 3,300 exhibitors showcasing the state-of-the-art plastics and rubber technology and an array of new materials at the coming trade show, space is running out fast. Interested parties are advised to submit immediate space reservation on our official website to enjoy the quality and all-round promotion services.
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