Small-size vehicles will meet the end of favorable policies, and Japanese brands will launch a fight

Release time:2016-10-08

Gasgoo (Shanghai, September 29)— Policy of halving purchasing tax for vehicles with displacement no larger than 1.6L will be expired at the end of this year. As a beneficiary, Japanese brands are launching a new fight, catching the policy at the end of time and making arrangements for next year’s market.

Japanese camp will launch three models on the night of September 28th, in which FAW Toyota will launch new Corolla and new Vios. The biggest change of new Corolla lies in the launching of new 1.2T engine, which is expected to replace Corolla 1.6L model to be the new sales main force. New Vios also make some changes in its exterior and interior decoration, along with CVT transmission. Jiang Jun, CEO of FAW Toyota said that, it is a critical period for FAW Toyota’s three-year reform, and the company will keep on the small-size vehicle strategy, youth strategy and northeast strategy. Just on the same day, Honda launches its first Hybrid Power vehicle New Accord, competing with Toyota.

This year, Japanese brands have a warm recovery in China, enjoying the fastest growth among all foreign brands. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Suzuki and Mitsubishi have a total sales volume of 2.65m units in China during the previous eight months, increasing 10%. Nissan, Toyota and Honda, have outstanding performances by way of their SUVs and small-size vehicles.

Toyota’s total sales volume reaches 786,000 units in China during the previous eight months, increasing 12%. Joint-venture FAW Toyota sells 429,000 units, increasing 14%. Honda’s total sales volume increases 22.7% to 751,000 units. Compact SUV model CR-V, small-size SUV XR-V and Vezel are all the main forces of sales growth. Nissan’s sales increases 16.6% in August in China, higher than the same period of last year for consecutive six months. Dongfeng Nissan sells 669,000 units from January to August, increasing 9%.