Hot model Baojun 310 sells more than 10,000 units in the second month after being launched into market

Release time:2016-11-07

SUV model Baojun 560 and MPV model Baojun 730 all perform well among all Baojun products. Baojun is also expanding greatly in car market recently. This year, Baojun officially releases new hatchback car Baojun 310. Official data shows that Baojun 310 has a total sales volume of 11,809 units in October, increasing 122% with September.

Small-size car market is shrinking in the past two years, in which all auto companies are taking efforts to seize the market. Baojun 310, which was launched in early September, sells 5,310 units in September and ranks 8th among all small-size car models. In October, Baojun 310 sells 11,809 units, increasing 122% with September and showing a strong growth.

The official price of Baojun 310 is set at RMB 36,800 to 49,800 units. Baojun 310 adopts a younger exterior design, with a “double U” shape face and a big-size front grill. Baojun 310 uses a braver body side design, in which double belt lines across the car body. The interior design also shows youth, with black control panel and inverted trapezoid air outlet for air-conditioners. The “double U” design isolates the air outlet with rotary switches, showing more layers and stereo feelings for the panel. The black seat matches well with orange edges, revealing sporting atmosphere greatly.

The new car will equip with a new 1.2L P-TEC naturally aspirated engine, with power rating of 60.3 Kwh and maximum torque of 116 Newton Meter. Besides, the model will equip a 5-speed manual gearbox. The comprehensive fuel consumption for the new car is 5.3L for every hundred kilometers.