China’s Zotye Received 362 Complaining about Quality Problem and Poor After-sales Service

Release time:2016-03-28

Gasgoo (Shanghai, March 4) — There have been a total of 362 comments complaining about China’s Zotye Auto until now according to data from a Chinese website for vehicles owners to make complaints. Among them, the complaints toward T600 have amounted to 61.

However, the sales of Zotye totaled 222,899 units with a yearly rise of 33.8% last year based on the good performance of T600, which were beyond expectation.

The major reasons why customers show absolutely different attitudes toward Zotye in such a shore time lie in the quality problem of products and automakers failing to perform service commitments.

Consumers pointed out that money spent on repairing T600 they newly bought were enough for buying a new one. And the alleged latest models of T600 customers bought in 2015 turn out to be old models which had been brought to market a year before.

When owners went back to the franchisers of Zotye, what they got were ‘the latest model refers to the latest model on sale in our car store’. But some consumer complaints fail to be solved since both sides hadn’t signed any formal contract when making deal.

Experts said that strong demand of T600 led to automakers trying to sacrifice qualities for quantities of products. But when receiving customer complaints, some franchisers choose to ignore or avoid them instead of dealing with them. Automakers may suffer great loss when failing to make sure the quality of product and dealing with customers complaints in an appropriate way.

It should be kept in mind that after-sales service is always the key factor to maintain customer loyalty and brand reputation. To reap good sales, automakers should pay much attention to providing after-sales service that can satisfy customers.