Aluminum alloy die casting and melting loss effect

Release time:2016-04-21
Under the hot molten alloy, semi-solid alloy scouring, and maintain a pressurized working under the state of aluminum alloy casting dies after a period of use, the protection layer on the surface of the general will form a mesh micro crack, crack and surface layer peeling.If no mold surface repair and maintenance, there will be more serious "melting" effect."Melting" refers to the mold at work after a period of time, face serious erosion, so that theinjection mold  quality of light change process.Melting loss of die casting die casting alloy is a series of corrosion, erosion, erosion and welding mechanical effect.

Mold base material Fe in die casting aluminum alloy in the dissolution process as well as a Fe-Al physical chemical reaction and generate complex intermetallic compound process.At the same time, a variety of alloy elements in the matrix will also participate in the reaction, and the generated intermetallic phase structure, reaction mechanism has not been clearly explained, but the general qualitative analysis.But because the melting loss reaction with the mold surface in early occurrence of welding has many similarities, so in the event of erosion area, often can find and welding of intermetallic compounds of similar material, the steel H13 dipping into the ADC12 die casting aluminum alloy in the test, some samples had a serious weld loss.

Aluminum alloy die casting die welding, melting loss prevention measures

As the aluminum alloy die casting die, the whole system is generally expensive, complicated cavity.So the analysis of  China mould invalidation, adopt corresponding measures to prevent failure, to prolong the service life of the die mould industry, is a very important issue.

Steam treatment often used tool for the surface treatment and the surface treatment of conventional weapons, basically are rust-proof role.When it is used as an effective surface treatment technology was applied to hot work die steel, we find it to a certain extent improve the China mold  thermal fatigue resistance and resistance to molten aluminum alloy heat damage properties of [8].Because the steam oxidation treatment of steel material at its surface can generate a layer of protective film of Fe3/O4. PVD, CVD surface coating