GAC aims at selling 1-million units of its self-owned brands by 2020

Release time:2016-05-16 (Shanghai May 13rd)– The sales of SUVs and alternative energy vehicles has been roaring ahead in a relatively depressing Chinese passenger vehicle market. However, the sales of SUV models has increased 52% compared against last year while that of alternative energy vehicles has witnessed an astonishing 340% increase compared against last year.

Zhou Tianlong, an auto analyst at UBS, said in the first quarter of 2016, the sales of SUVs and alternative energy vehicles has continued to grow, up by 51% and 100% respectively.

Against the backdrop of the fevers, GAC Chuanqi has introduced its all-new 7-seater flagship SUV GS8, another SUV model based on the carmaker’s C-Class high-end platform just like GA8, at 2016 Beijing Auto Show, in a bid to further boost sales.

Zheng Qinghong, general manager at GAC Group, said “GAC has sold 1.3 million vehicles last year, and is aiming to double 2015’s number to sell 2.6 million units this year.”

Huang Xiangdong, head of GAC Automobile Engineering Institute, confessed the company will focus on alternative energy vehicles this year, and “introduce both pure battery models and plug-in electric models within this year, seven more in the future, and sold 200,000 alternative energy vehicles by the year of 2020.”

Besides alternative energy vehicles, GAC Group also spares no effort to develop its self-owned brands. According to GAC’s planning, by the year of 2020, the end of China’s Thirteenth Five Year Plan, this carmaker is aiming at selling 1-million units of its self-owned brands.