C-Class Vehicles: A6 holding the lead and Taurus losing recent gains?

Release time:2016-05-18 (Shanghai May 17th)– C-class vehicles have a generally steady performance in April, with Audi A6L, BMW 5, and Benz E series still holding the leading three positions. Ford Taurus’s sales shrank dramatically to 8th ranking, and Cadillac XTS advanced greatly. Crown’s bad performance continues and Cadillac CT6 recovers its sales.

A6L continues champion with a sales volume of 13,118 units this month, second by BMW 5, but the gap has not been widened. Benz E series holds the third position, but lagging behind greatly with the above two opponents. Taurus meets a black April, with sales shrinking to only 403 units. Experts said the Ford’s low sales are resulted by quality problems and dealerships’ defection.

Cadillac XTS ranks 4th with a sales volume of 2,690 units, increasing 112.5%. Cadillac CT6 also performs well with 419 units. Reporters learn that the two models have a terminal discount of more than 100,000 Yuan, which may explain the high sales.