China’s Changan-Ford Fails to Increase Customer Loyalty

Release time:2016-05-30

Gasgoo (Shanghai, May 26th)- Problems including rough idling and noisy gearbox has reportedly caused bad comments from customers on Focus of Changan-Ford, a JV automaker in China, since January 1, 2015.

Rough idling may cause great gasoline consumption, for which dealers of Changan-Ford have provided solution of replacing the rubber hose connecting the engine crankcase to intake manifold. However, this solution failed to abasing noise made by engines, leading to increasing complaints.

Inappropriate circuit control may result in jittering gearbox according to experts. Bad quality of shifting clutch can be another cause.

The mode of Focus equipped with dual-clutch gearbox, launched in 2012, as investigation shows, has received most complaints from customer.

To increase customer satisfaction, Changan-Ford may need to focus on improvement of product quality in the future.