Volkswagen will invest an annual 4b Euros to China; Domestic BEVs are expected to be launched in 2019

Release time:2020-04-02 (Shanghai Jan 28th)— Heizmann, Volkswagen’s Board member, Volkswagen China’s President and CEO said during an interview that, Volkswagen will input an annual 4b Euros (about 28.7b RMB) to China, and funds are mainly from joint-venture enterprises. Its alternative energy vehicle strategy includes three phrases. BEV production in China will be achieved before the year 2020, and both FAW Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen will produce BEVs.
      Heizmann is optimistic about the Chinese auto market in 2016. He believes the growth of passenger vehicle market will be close to GDP growth. He said, Volkswagen’s profit target in 2016 is set close to 2015’s target. As for the influence of “diesel emission scandal” in China, he said the direct impact lies in the postponing of FAW Volkswagen’s stock holding plan for 2-3 years.
      Laying out alternative energy strategy and setting target for 5L fuel consumption per 100 kilometers
      Heizmann said that, alternative energy vehicles related investment is Volkswagen’s future key area, and such strategy is arranged for the target of 5L fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. Apart from alternative energy vehicles, Volkswagen is continuously introducing updated technologies for traditional energy vehicles, to develop the energy-saving potential.
      Volkswagen’s alternative energy vehicle strategy in China is divided into three phrases. During the current first phrase, by way of importing, Volkswagen provides Chinese consumers for PHEVs and BEVs, including Porsche PHEV, Audi A3 PHEV, Golf GTE, e-Golf and e-up.
      The second phrase starts from 2016, during which Volkswagen will seek for domestic production of PHEVs in China. The first trial model will be Audi A6, and the next will be Volkswagen C Model.
      During the third phrase, Audi plans to achieve BEVs’ domestic production and the roll-off of first domestic BEV based on MQB platform prior to 2020. Heizmann emphasized the strategy involves an overall domestification, including parts and R&D.
      He also said that Volkswagen will make continuous efforts to achieve domestification of PHEVs in the future 2-3 years. In the third phrase, Volkswagen will start the production of BEVs in China, based on MLB and MQB platforms, which will play cooperative effects to achieve the production of traditional vehicles, PHEVs and BEVs with the same line.
      Besides, Volkswagen will introduce a new electric vehicle production line for SAIC Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen. Volkswagen customized a MEB electric vehicle modularized platform to support vehicles with range between 400 to 600 kilometers.
      4b Euro investment involves alternative energy, with capital from joint ventures.
      olkswagen’s annual 4b Euro invests in areas including alternative energy vehicles. Volkswagen has conducted cost-effective projects since 2015, optimizing investment directions and focusing on reserving for related technologies and new products of alternative energy vehicles.
      Heizmann said funds mainly come from joint ventures, including FAW Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen.
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