More than 30m units faulty vehicles are recalled in China, 20% of which can’t be returned

Release time:2016-06-20 (Shanghai June 16th)– Reporters learn from General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) that, more than 30m units’ faulty vehicles are recalled by the end of May, 2016. But, for some reasons, about 20% of them cannot be successfully returned.

No Compulsory Target for return accomplishment Ratio has been set in China

Relevant person in charge of AQSIQ said that, the Regulation on Recalling Faulty Auto Products was officially published on 15th, March, 2004 and came into effect on 1st, October, 2004. Till 31th, May, 2016, more than 30m units’ faulty auto products are recalled in China, with an average accomplishment ratio of 80%.

It’s learned that producers will submit recall summary report after reaching the planned accomplishment ratio. The ratio maintains an average 80% in recently years, with relatively new vehicles reaching a ratio of more than 90%. In the meantime, reporters learn that some vehicles cannot be recalled in time for reasons such as vehicles scrapping, car owners cannot be reached or customers are unwilling to work with producers.

Low return accomplishment ratio may face penalties in America

It’s reported that America has an average return accomplishment ratio of 75%. NHTSA put forward a 100% ratio requirement in April of last year, and auto manufacturers with a low accomplishment ratio may face high penalties. Currently, 17 auto manufacturers have responded to the requirement and accepted the target ratio.

Person in charge of AQSIQ said that, according to relevant laws and regulations, producers have obligations to recall faulty vehicles, in line with the submitted recall plan. But currently, no authority across the world has set a compulsory target for the return accomplishment ratio.