Laser Lines to demonstrate Stratasys 3D machines

Release time:2020-04-02

Laser Lines will show how the Stratasys range of 3D printers and manufacturing centres convert computer-aided-design data into functional plastic parts at Southern Manufacturing 2010.

According to the company, which will be found on Stand H13, the machines are clean and easy to use, requiring practically no labour, which means that complex components can be produced with minimal effort.

Parts are produced in a range of production-quality thermoplastics that can be used for many applications, from concept models to production components.

The FDM process is universally accepted as an aid to product development as the performance of the models is often close to that of the final product.

However, there are many other situations where low-volume parts are required and this process offers an alternative to traditional manufacturing methods, potentially saving both time and money.

Fabrication and assembly tools such as jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges can be produced in hours rather than weeks and often at a fraction of the price.

Tools can be designed with function in mind without the need to worry about how it can be manufactured.

This freedom to design purely for function can also be applied to low-volume production but an even more significant benefit is the ability to produce parts as needed.

There is no need to stock parts, plan for future production or worry about spares as they can be quickly built when an order is received, with no financial penalty for manufacturing just one part.

It also means that designs can be changed to accommodate technical developments or customise products at no additional cost.

Laser Lines will demonstrate how this technology can help to solve production problems by providing a simple way to make low-volume parts.

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