How to improve mold accuracy?

Release time:2023-09-12
How to improve mold accuracy?

        Mold precision is reflected in the product dimensions.

        How to improve the precision of the mold? Mainly from the mold design and mold processing 2 perspectives to consider, in addition to say a little bit of the product's own defects will also affect the mold precision!

01 Mold Design

        ① Product pre-mold flow analysis, to find a more reasonable product into the glue point to achieve the balance of the glue, clamping force in the range of injection molding machine, the product deformation is
relatively small

        ② Product molding: can do flat surface is not designed to arc, can be touched through not to do the insertion of wear

        ③ Product positioning: do three levels of fine positioning: the inner mold tiger positioning, mold guide pillar positioning, edge locking position

        ④ Product cooling: the distance of water from the product, the same interval as far as possible, uneven cooling product deformation

        ⑤ mold avoidance: after reserving a certain sealing surface, the other surface to do avoidance, before and after the mold are avoided, not only to improve processing accuracy, but also to improve processing

        ⑥ Mold fractal surface plus balance block support, offset part of the PL surface clamping surface, to avoid the fractal surface of the inner mold collapsed too quickly.
        ⑦ Ball guides or bronze with graphite are used to support the ejector pin plate.

        ⑧ B plate cavity bottom depth as thick as possible, to avoid deformation of the injection mold plate, plus support head will not play a big role.

        ⑨ Label the machining tolerance of each part drawing.

02 Mold Processing

        ① Mold core machining with high finishing machine, accuracy of 0.02μ.

        ② Mold core processing is best to be formed once, to avoid repeated down the machine, each centering calibration table will be an error.

        ③ Mold core wire cutting with slow walking wire

        ④ Core inserts can be processed by grinding machine without computerized gong, especially for round inserts.

        ⑤ Flying mold can not use grinding machine, directly on the flying mold machine.

        ⑥ The precision of mold blanks should be controlled within 0.02mm, the normal mold is more than 0.05mm.

        ⑦ steel material for the inner mold electric level with three-dimensional full inspection, better computer gong can be directly on the machine inspection

        ⑧ electric level processing with red copper, do not use graphite, graphite spark fast, but easy to damage the public, especially the thin steel bits
        Mold precision requires a set of reasonable design and processing process control in order to do out, each link out of the problem on the precision has an impact!

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