How to solve the problem of injection mold release difficulty?

Release time:2024-04-11
How to solve the problem of injection mold release difficulty?

After injection molding, plastic parts from the mold cavity, whether using a single piece or multiple components of the ejector mechanism, its demolding work is generally completed once. But sometimes due to the special shape of the plastic parts or the need for production automation, in a demolding work is completed, the plastic parts are still difficult to take out of the cavity or can not be automatically dislodged, at this time it is necessary to add another demolding action in order to make the plastic parts off.
The reasons for this are:
First, equipment: ejector force is not enough.
Second, the mold
(1) Unreasonable demolding structure or improper position.
(2) Insufficient demolding slope.
(3) Mold temperature is too high or poor ventilation.
(4) Roughness of sprue wall or cavity surface.
(5) The nozzle and the mold inlet do not match and do not serve or the diameter of the nozzle is larger than the diameter of the inlet.
Third, process
(1) The barrel temperature is too high or the injection volume is too much.
(2) The injection pressure is too high or the holding pressure and cooling time is long.
Fourth, raw materials:Insufficient lubricant
Traditional plastic molded parts of the demolding method is roughly divided into top, push, pumping, spinning four.
Now there is a new demolding technology can easily solve the problem of plastic mold release. In the plastic mold industry, especially the need for a variety of resin compounds for highly complex designs, the appearance of high-gloss finishing there are many unsolvable problems.
Nano mold release coating can be formed on the surface of the plastic mold, and even on the surface of the insert of the plastic mold, can significantly reduce the coefficient of friction of these surfaces, without the need to use the traditional release agent can achieve a high gloss processing surface. Even in critical cases where the design and plastic compounds used make machine/tool maintenance downtime longer, resulting in low production output and economic infeasibility, nano mold release coatings can extend uninterrupted production time and significantly reduce machine/tool maintenance downtime. Make plastic mold production play a great efficiency and role in reducing waste. Nano Mold Release Coating not only improves the smoothness and accuracy of the plastic mold surface, but also dramatically increases the productivity of the plastic mold manufacturing industry!

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