What do we need to pay attention to the plastic mold machining process and machining procedures?

Release time:2024-05-06
What do we need to pay attention to the plastic mold machining process and machining procedures?

Plastic mold processing process is a complex and delicate process, it involves a number of links and steps, each step requires strict operation and control. Below, the editor of plastic mold manufacturer will introduce the main processes of plastic mold making in detail, as well as the matters needing attention in these processes.
First, design
Plastic mold design is the first step of the whole processing process. In this stage, the designer needs to use CAD software to carry out three-dimensional design of the mold, according to the structure and functional requirements of the product custom mold structure and size, the designer also needs to carry out the flow channel analysis, through the simulation of the plastic filling process, analysis of its flow, to ensure that the plastic can evenly fill each part of the mold. The accuracy and rationality of the design stage will directly affect the quality of subsequent processing and molding.
Second, the selection of materials
Material selection is an important part of plastic mold processing. According to the use of the mold, the expected service life, the type of plastic and other factors, select the appropriate mold steel. Generally speaking, mold steel needs to have high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Improper selection of materials will lead to short life of the mold, easy to wear, easy to deformation and other problems, seriously affecting production efficiency and product quality.
Third, roughing
Rough machining is the first stage of plastic mold processing, mainly including cutting and sawing, turning and other processes. In this stage, the large piece of steel is cut into the appropriate size, and the steel is processed to a rough size through the lathe. The purpose of rough machining is to process the steel into a preliminary shape that meets the design requirements and is ready for subsequent processing.
Fourth, finishing
Finishing is the core link of plastic mold county processing, mainly including EDM, CNC milling and other processes. In this stage, the need for fine parts of the mold processing, in order to achieve the design requirements of precision and surface quality. EDM is the use of the principle of EDM erosion, fine processing of molds, suitable for processing complex shapes and fine parts. CNC iron cutting, on the other hand, uses a CNC milling machine to carry out high-precision cutting processing, which can realize high-efficiency and high-precision processing.
Five, grinding
Grinding is the last stage of plastic mold processing, mainly using the grinder to grind the mold surface to the required precision and finish. The purpose of grinding is to eliminate the mold surface burrs, unevenness and other defects, improve the surface quality and service life of the mold.
Sixth, mold assembly
Mold assembly is the process of assembling various mold components such as mold core, slide, positioning pins, etc. together. At this stage, it is necessary to ensure the matching precision and positional relationship between the various components to ensure the overall accuracy and stability of the mold. The assembly process needs to pay attention to prevent the entry of dust and impurities, so as not to affect the use of the mold.
Seven, test mold
The trial mold is in the actual production environment for mold testing process. In the trial mold process, the need for the mold for a number of trial runs, check whether the mold can work properly, whether there are defects and problems, the trial mold is a very important part of the mold processing process, it can help us find and solve problems to ensure that the mold in the production of stability and reliability.
In short, the plastic mold processing process is a complex and delicate process, requiring designers, engineers and skilled workers and other aspects of cooperation. In each link, we need to strictly control the processing accuracy and quality, to ensure that the final mold can meet the production requirements and use of demand. At the same time, with the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of processing technology, plastic mold processing process will continue to optimize and improve for the production and development of plastic products to provide better support and protection.

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