What is easy to ignore when maintaining and overhauling injection molds?

Release time:2024-04-19
What is easy to ignore when maintaining and overhauling injection molds?

Plastic injection mold is a production of plastic products tool, but also to give plastic products complete structure and precise size of the tool. We found that the injection mold production has anomalies, should first suspend production, the mold overhaul, today Shenzhen plastic mold manufacturer editors to introduce to you in the injection mold overhaul is most likely to ignore the eight aspects:
1, Check whether there is warning rust or moisture at the radiator hole. If you find rust or moisture phenomenon near the hot runner vent, it means that the internal condensation or water pipe may be ruptured. Moisture can cause a fatal short circuit to the heater. If the machine is shut down at night or on weekends, the chances of such condensation will increase.
2, Remember to remind the operator not to "clean out" the hot tip at the gate. If the operator happens to see a small piece of stainless steel at the mold spout, it may actually be a spot spout assembly. Cleaning up" what appears to be an obstruction can often ruin the hot nozzle head. To avoid destroying a hot nozzle head, identify the type of nozzle in your hot runner system before taking action, and make sure that all operators are trained to recognize all the different types of nozzles they come in contact with.
3, Slide stops. For machines that have been running all year round, this should be done weekly.
4, Cross-check the resistance of the heater. You should have measured the resistance value of the heater when you first started using it, and now is the time to measure it again and compare. If the resistance value has a 10% fluctuation, it is time to consider replacing the heater to ensure that it does not go out at a critical time in the production process. If the initial resistance value was not measured, measure it now and use the resulting value as a reference for future checks of the heater.
5, Look for signs of wear between the guide pillar and the guide sleeve. Look for signs such as scratches or abrasions, which are caused by a lack of lubrication. If the marks are fresh, you can extend the life of the guide pillar and guide sleeve by lubricating them more. If the wear is already serious, it is time to replace the parts with new ones. Otherwise, the cavity and core parts may not fit well, resulting in parts of the cavity wall thickness varies.
6, Check the water flow. Connect a hose to the outlet of the water line and let the water stay in the bucket through the hose. If the outflow of water is not clear or color there may be rust phenomenon occurs, and the water flow is not smooth means that somewhere clogged, if you find these problems will be all the water pipe again drilling through, to ensure that smooth (or take any method you commonly used to clean up). Improve the factory water treatment system can prevent future problems caused by rust and blockage.
7, Clean thimbles. After a year, the thimble will be due to gas accumulation and membrane impurities and become very dirty, recommended every six to twelve months with mold cleaner to clean a good. After cleaning on the thimble coated with a layer of lubricant to prevent abrasion confusion breakage.
8, Check the radius area of the hot irrigation nozzle whether there is a fracture. Fractures are caused by loose pieces of hardened plastic left in the machine's hot nozzle from the clamping force of the barrel assembly as it molds forward. The problem may also be caused by a misaligned centerline.
Consider both possibilities when finding a break. If the damage is severe enough to prevent petal leakage (a term formerly used by mold users to refer to plastic leakage between the guide sleeve and the hot nozzle head of the machine), the gate sleeve should be replaced.

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