China Top 5 Mould Factory: What are the production process and procedure of customized injection mould?

Release time:2023-12-15
China Top 5 Mould Factory: What are the production process and procedure of customized injection mould?

1. mold designers to understand and assess the product, the initial stage of injection mold design, the need for mold designers on the product structure, product dimensions, parameters and other information for a detailed understanding of the assessment of the existing mold structure is able to achieve mass production, if there is no problem in the case, it will be able to enter the next step.
2. Injection mold designers according to the assessment results, design 3D engineering drawings, loose parts, molding diagrams, assembly diagrams, EDM diagrams, electronic circuit diagrams, etc.:.
3.Mould masters communicate and confirm according to the drawings designed by injection mold designers, if there is no problem, the injection mold materials can be booked, if there are objections to the drawings should be modified and adjusted;
4. After the arrival of the injection mold materials, mold engineers should check whether the material is qualified, whether to meet the demand for manufacturing and processing, and then submitted to the mold clamping master for clamping processing;
5. Injection mold engineers conduct hardness and other testing and analysis of the workpiece after heat external treatment to make sure there is no offset, scarring and other problems;
6. Electrode processing after heat treatment, do a good job of data registration;


7. Wire cutting processing, pay attention to the standard of each accessory processing, such as insert holes and ejector holes whether there is a fit clearance;
8. injection mold finishing, generally reserve the mold saving margin, while recording the size, to facilitate the detection at any time;
9. EDM processing in accordance with the dimensions of the drawings;
10. Runner surface polishing to increase surface finish;
11. Check before assembly, do a good job of cleaning and rust treatment;
12. Injection mold assembly;
13. Test mold, debugging no problem, a mold is completed.

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