Shenzhen plastic mold manufacturer: how to improve the stability of plastic molds

Release time:2024-01-09
Shenzhen plastic mold manufacturer: how to improve the stability of plastic molds?

In production practice, some plastic mold once put into production line after use, often will occur a variety of problems, can not meet the product production requirements or technical requirements, resulting in abnormal strikes of the production line, etc., bring a lot of unstable elements. Therefore, how to further improve the stability of the mold, mold production enterprises face the reality of the problem.

Mold design and production, the designers of the stunning and technology play a key role in the effect of the design is reasonable or not, after the mold to know, and the mold needs to go through a number of trials and repeated amendments to the final completion.
What is the stability of the mold? Stability is divided into process stability and production stability. Process stability refers to the satisfaction of producing qualified products, with the stability of the process plan, production stability is pointed out that the production process has a stable production capacity.

Let us first look at the main elements affecting the stability of plastic molds and stamping forming, respectively: the use of plastic molds, mold structural components of the strength requirements, the stability of the stamping plastic function, the fluctuating characteristics of the thickness of the plastic, the range of raw materials, tensile tendon resistance size, crimping force changes in the range of the selection of lubricants.
It is worth noting that, in the stamping and forming process, because each kind of stamping plate has its own chemical composition, mechanical function and the stamping function is closely related to the characteristics of the value of the function of the stamping plastic instability, the fluctuation of the thickness of the plastic stamping, as well as stamping raw material changes, not only directly affects the precision and quality of the stamping and forming process, but also may lead to the damage of the mold.
Taking the stretching bar as an example, it occupies a very important position in press molding. In the process of stretch forming, product forming needs to have a certain size, and along the fixed perimeter of the appropriate distribution of tension, this tension comes from the effect of stamping equipment, the edge of the deformation of the plastic part of the resistance, as well as pressure on the surface of the circle of the activities of resistance. And activity resistance occurs, if only rely on the effect of crimping force, the friction between the mold and the plastic is not enough.
For this reason, it is also necessary to set up in the crimping ring can generate a greater resistance to the stretching bar, in order to increase the feeding force, and then make the plastic undergo a greater plastic deformation, in order to meet the plastic deformation of plastic and plastic activity requirements, at the same time, by changing the size and distribution of the resistance to the stretching bar, and the control of the plastic to the plastic mold activities within the speed and the amount of material to achieve the deformation of the stretching pieces of the tension and its distribution of useful in the deformation of the region.
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