How should molds be cleaned before and after use?

Release time:2024-01-16
How do plastic injection molding manufacturers maintain and care for the mold?

Plastic injection molding factory for customers in the injection molding product processing, in order to ensure the processing quality of the product, the need to use high-quality molds, mold specifications and dimensions need to meet the needs of customer products; in addition to the normal use of the mold will also be on the mold for good cleaning. The following by the Shenzhen Ideal plastic mold manufacturers to introduce before and after the use of how to clean the mold.
1, clean before use
Mold is an important tool for the production of plastic injection molded products, raw materials to be injected into the mold so that its molding, if the mold inside the foreign body or oil will lead to poor product quality. Therefore, in order to ensure that the quality of injection molded products is satisfactory, injection molding processing plant in the use of molds before it is necessary to carry out a good cleaning, the first mold surface oil and rust clean, but also dredge the cooling water holes, to avoid the waterway is not blocked.
2, the use of the process of cleaning
In the use of the mold in the process of injection molding processing plant should also be cleaned, mainly to clean the mold parting surface and exhaust grooves in the foreign matter and glue, oil; in addition, but also the parting surface and runner surface twice a day to ensure that the mold cleanliness, to avoid the use of the process of foreign matter attached to the mold in the process of processing the quality of the product is affected.
3, Cleaning after shutdown
When a batch of product processing is completed after the injection molding plant also need to clean the mold, to avoid the production of residues present in it. Therefore, after the shutdown will be timely in the mold residual water are cleaned up, to avoid the glue wire and foreign body residue in the mold, but also in the clean up after the mold inside the spray on the rust inhibitor, to avoid rust in the preservation of the mold time.
Above is the shenzhen injection molding processing plant in different stages of cleaning the mold method, the reason why the mold to carry out the correct cleaning, is because in the process of injection molding products processing mold is irreplaceable. In order to ensure quality, the injection molding factory will pay extra attention to the cleaning of the mold, to avoid the presence of foreign matter and dirt in the mold and lead to poor processing quality.

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