What are the common cooling methods for plastic molds?

Release time:2024-02-29
What are the common cooling methods for plastic molds?

In the injection molding process, the mold cavity for filling the plastic melt temperature usually reaches 200 ℃, the mold will work for a period of time after the temperature will be very high, while the ejection of the product temperature is only 50 ~ 60 ℃, how to ensure that the product in a very short period of time to quickly cool to the appropriate ejection temperature? Need to design the cooling of the mold.
The role of the cooling system.
① Shorten the molding cycle, improve productivity: in the entire molding cycle, cooling curing time reaches 60% ~ 80%, so the design of a reasonable cooling system is very critical.
② Improve product quality: not only to make the mold cooling, and try to keep the mold at a constant temperature, control the melt cooling rate, the cooling rate is too fast will affect the filling, too slow and too high a temperature will cause defects and molding cycle extension.
Products in the injection molding, mold temperature will affect the plastic molding cycle, thus affecting production efficiency. In order to improve efficiency, the mold needs to be designed cooling system. So, what are the common cooling methods for plastic molds?
Plastic mold cooling solutions.
1、In the mold design, for the height difference is small or flat plate-shaped products, generally used back to zigzag water cooling;
2、For the height difference is small, but the length direction of the longer products, the use of zig-zag waterway in the middle of the water well cooling method;
3、Some products have a large height difference, resulting in the zigzag waterway can not achieve the cooling effect, at this time usually use the ordinary water transport plus wells cooling method;
4、Some products have long and thin cores with high appearance requirements, which need to be cooled by nozzle-type water transportation;
5、For some longer cores, in order to ensure the cooling effect, in addition to the use of water well cooling, you can also use the spiral water cooling.

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