What are the specific steps for plastic mold processing by Shenzhen mold manufacturers?

Release time:2024-03-15
What are the specific steps for plastic mold processing by Shenzhen mold manufacturers?

Plastic injection molding processing mold is a commonly used molding tool in plastic products, and is also the basis for the structural integrity and dimensional accuracy of plastic products. Injection molding is a processing method used in the mold mass production of products, specifically refers to the heat melted plastic by the injection molding machine high-pressure injection into the mold cavity, after cooling and curing, to get the finished product. A set of molds from zero to molding, specifically what processes to go through, which need to pay attention to what it, Ideal Vowin plastic mold manufacturers for everyone to answer.

Plastic plastic mold processing specific steps
First, product process analysis
Before the mold design, the designer should be fully analyzed and studied whether its plastic products in line with the principles of injection molding processing, the need for careful consultation with the designer of the products, and reach a consensus. This includes the geometric shape of the products, dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements, the necessary discussions, try to avoid unnecessary problems in the mold manufacturing.
Second, the structural design of the mold
Design is the source of the mold production, a mold used for good or bad, the design accounts for a large factor. To have an understanding of the processing technology and mold factory's own processing capacity. Therefore, to improve the level of mold design, should do the following.
1, understand each set of mold design in every detail, understand the use of each part of the mold.
2, in the design of more reference to the previous similar design, and understand it in the mold processing and product production, learn from the experience and lessons learned.
3, more understanding of the working process of the injection molding machine, in order to deepen the relationship between the mold and the injection molding machine.
4, into the factory to understand the process of processing products, recognize the characteristics and limitations of each processing.
5, to understand their own design of the mold mold test results and change the mold situation, learn a lesson.
6, in the design as much as possible to use the previous more successful mold structure.
7, more understanding of the mold into the water on the product impact. Research some special mold structure, understand the latest mold technology.

Third, confirm the production of mold materials
In the choice of production materials, we must first determine the relevant characteristics of the production products, but also combined with the mold factory processing and heat treatment of the actual ability to give the right choice.
Fourth, parts processing and mold assembly
In addition to the precision of the mold in the design of the best structure and reasonable tolerances with the exception of parts processing and mold assembly is essential. Therefore, the choice of processing accuracy and processing methods in the mold manufacturing occupies an absolutely dominant position. The dimensional error of molded products is mainly composed of the following parts.
1, the manufacturing error of the mold is about 1/3, the error caused by mold wear is about 1/6;
2, molded parts shrinkage produced by the uneven error of about 1 / 3;
3, the error generated by the inconsistency between the scheduled shrinkage and the actual shrinkage is about 1/6. Total error = (1)+(2)+(3)+(4);
Therefore, in order to reduce the mold manufacturing error, the first step should be to improve the processing accuracy, with the use of CNC machine tools, this problem has been well controlled. In addition, in order to prevent the error caused by mold wear and deformation, when processing molds with high precision requirements and large product output, its cavity, core and other key parts should be quenched. In medium and large-sized molds, in order to save materials and facilitate processing and heat treatment, mold design should be used as much as possible when the mosaic structure.
In order to solve the molded parts shrinkage uneven and scheduled shrinkage and the actual shrinkage inconsistent with the error generated, in the mold manufacturing generally choose the product tolerance of 1/3 as the manufacturing tolerance of the mold, the purpose of which is to give the future molding process to leave a large margin for adjustment to solve the errors caused by the molding process.
Fifth, injection molding test
Mold design is also well processed, can be used that depends on the effect of the trial mold. Trial mold is mainly to determine the specific effect of the mold production products, but also an important step to check whether the mold is qualified.

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